Part 4 – Global Currency Reset – Spoken of publicly.

Parts 1, 2 & 3 at this link:


The Still Report

Dec 22, 2018

United States Doesn’t Need the Fed


SILVER!! 2.75 Billion Ounces of Physical Silver…FOUND! (Bix Weir)

 Dec 16, 2018


Fox Business

November 28, 2018

Trump takes on the Fed


Cambridge House International

Nov 2, 2018


X22Report Spotlight

Nov 10, 2018

It’s Fraud & Theft, The Central Banks Get Special Set Of Laws To Steal Our Wealth:Mike Maloney



Nov 9, 2018

Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The Central Bank Currency System – Episode 1712a


Golden State Times

Oct 30, 2018

The World is Preparing.

Mattis – Press Conference on Alliances and Partnerships around the World


GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)
Oct 29, 2018
Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9) (They forgot to add Daddy Bush before Clinton)


X22 Report

Oct 28, 2018

The Central Banks Plan Disrupted, Now Trying To Backpedal, Goodbye – Episode 1701a


X22 Report Spotlight
Oct 20 2018

The Fed’s Independence Questioned, Maybe They’re Not Good For The Country, So Why Does It Exist: C Smith


Weeping Angel.

Oct 18th 2018

Bringing Down the New World Order


American Intelligence Media.

Oct 15h 2018

Collapse of the Federal Reserve has Started


The Chronicle

Oct 15, 2018

Zimbabwe sits on 13m tonnes gold reserves

Zimbabwe sits on 13m tonnes gold reserves


Treasury Releases Proposed Regulations on Opportunity Zones Designed to Incentivize Investment in American Communities


Treasury Targets Iraq-based Money Services Business Supporting ISIS




Sept 25 2018



Sep 25, 2018

Deep State Playbook Dead,Fear,Panic,Cornered,The Light Is Shining Brighter – Episode 1673b


Why don’t we throw another strange coincidence in the mix, just for fun? Guess who is a major shareholder in Duke Power…? The Payseur family.

Owl prompts us to dig… We found a reference to Payseur on the site? CIA files list them as being one of the Illuminati families. This family owns almost every industry: banks, railroads, energy, etc..


Edward Solomon

Mar 19, 2013

The Evils of the Federal Reserve and Prior Private Central Banks – Rothschild

This video is not be construed as Anti-Semitic Material. The uploader himself is Jewish, although greatly opposed to Zionism. The uploader is from the organization “Aegis of Liberty,” you can check our facebook page below. We have sent a letter to the creators of this video on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, to verify if they will allow us to use their material. This video will be removed if they reject permission. ————- The contents contained in the following document, are so far only known to the political elite and to the political factions that have been adversely affected and criminalized by that same elite; however, it is paramount during these turbulent times, that the general public be made aware of the abuses that have been inflicted upon them, and continue to be perpetrated against them, both subtly and overtly — both accidentally and intentionally, for these abuses have become intolerable. The abuses to be discussed are not isolated to any particular State or Locality within the United States, in fact, they are not even isolated within the United States itself. For the entire world is confronted by the same enemy, The Federal Reserve, and those who control and manipulate its actions. Unknown to most citizens of the United States, is the fact that the Federal Reserve is a Private Central Bank.


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