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My (Jennifer Hansen) home state of New York, life insurance license number is, LA-1126316

I am licensed in many states and do business in any of the 50 states of the USA as well as CANADA.

I am an Authorized Infinite Banking Institute Practitioner –2013 Think Tank2013 Nelson Nash Seminar

Jennifer Hansen with Renowned Austrian Economist, Robert Murphy, at the Infinite Banking Institute Launch Feb 2013, Alabama.

Jennifer Hansen with Nelson Nash during a two day BYOB seminar in Utah, 2010.

Our Consultations are Free of Charge.

The Agency I work with is Alliance Group Financial and within that agency I work with a team of colleagues so you will most likely get to speak with all of us at some point. Scott Christensen is the owner and has been practicing Infinite Banking since 2002. He has been in the financial industry for over 30 years and teaching how to build a family legacy is his main passion. Watch a 38 minute video of Scott Christensen talking about the focus of our agency.


Jen­nifer HANSEN


Jen­nifer Hansen has always been inter­ested in under­stand­ing money, how the var­i­ous inter­est cal­cu­la­tions work and how banks actu­ally make their prof­its. After work­ing in a bank for five years, dur­ing the mid to late 70’s, she real­ized she would not learn what she wanted to know from the banks them­selves because they were only look­ing after their own inter­ests.  They were not about to edu­cate, even their employ­ees, with any infor­ma­tion other than what they wanted the employ­ees to know so they would direct clients to behave in the man­ner that made the banks more prof­its. She also real­ized the main­stream edu­ca­tional sys­tem did not pro­vide this info. either.

It wasn’t until 2007 that she found the resource she had been look­ing for for so many years; a group of out-of-the-box thinkers when it came to finances.  She has been enjoy­ing this jour­ney of dis­cov­ery ever since as it has lead her to meet­ing many other finan­cial pro­fes­sion­als who have under­stood a whole new par­a­digm from what is ‘nor­mal’  in regards to money and finances. These men­tors have been in the finan­cial indus­try for 20 and 30 years but have been own­ing and uti­liz­ing their own pri­vate finan­cial sys­tems for up to eleven years.

Jen­nifer was born and grew up in Aus­tralia, has been mar­ried for 31 years (as of March 2012) and has 4 suc­cess­ful chil­dren. Her fam­ily is in their third year of own­ing their own pri­vate bank­ing sys­tem and can attest to it chang­ing their finan­cial lives. It has done so so much that her mis­sion is to share this infor­ma­tion with as many oth­ers as pos­si­ble. Nel­son Nash, the man whose book ‘Becom­ing Your Own Banker’ started it all,  is a true life hero and she shall always be grate­ful to him.

Jennifer’s forte is help­ing peo­ple under­stand how to refi­nance their debts into their own pri­va­tized bank­ing sys­tem and  to track all the parts of this finan­cial strat­egy in a soft­ware pro­gram that truly helps peo­ple grasp how money and inter­est works in their own lives with their own money and this pro­vides a real sense of being-in-control for them. Debt is an asset to a bank. Jen­nifer coaches you on how to con­vert your  lia­bil­i­ties  into your assets.


About my kids: Updated 2/07/2012

My Son Eric’s business website – – Eric’s review site –

And here is Eric’s personal website.


My Son Madhava’s websites – He is in two bands

FULCRUM OF THE STARS Madhava is lead singer and base/guitar player. Here them at this link

BAAM the band Madhava is lead singer/songwriter/base player for – Hear them here.  FULCRUM of the STARS – Madhava’s second band. Hear them here or here


Current Update – Executive Assistant at Gladwyne Partners, NY

My daughter Anjana works at The Practising Law institute in Manhattan. Below is Anjana with her husband.

4 Generations in my family – Great Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa, Mummy and baby Elira.


My father in Australia with myself, my daughter and her daughter. 4 generations.

Don, Jenny, Anjana, Elira


4 generations of my husbands family – His mother who is 93 in this photo, my husband, our daughter and her daughter.

4 generations on Bills mum's side

Elira’s first Christmas

Elira Dec 20th 2014 with Macy's Santa

Macy’s Santa Dec 20th 2014


Dec 20th 2014 at Macy’s


My son Sarathi’s website – Started at age 16. Attending Rochester Institute of Technology. Works at MBF Bio Science in Vermont over the summers.


2014 Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving 2014 Nov 27th - with a gift from our most special friend.

About me. Updated Oct 2008

 I believe this world is made up of the pairs of opposites. Good and Evil, Dark and Light, Night and Day, Pleasure and Pain, Sickness and Wellness, Strong and Weak, Greed and Giving, Love and Hate, Wealth and Poverty, Problems and Solutions. We all have the choice to focus on, believe in, aspire to, which ever way we wish to go. To experience either of all these extremes we can focus on everything that is wrong with our lives or everything that is right with our lives and this world. We attract and so create a quality of life accordingly.

We see so many atrocities played out, thanks to the media, but because there are such things, there HAS to be an equal or greater amount of awesomeness. Too many have forgotten this fact so they keep worrying about what is wrong instead of looking for what is right. They moan about the problems instead of searching for and participating in the solutions. You have to attract those peo­ple, places, events, solu­tions, into YOUR OWN life though. You must be what you want and believe in your­self so you can deter­mine whether you are attract­ing peo­ple who want to show you how to have more con­trol and power, love and respect, and good­ness in your life, or whether you are being faked out by scampsters.

Our mon­e­tary sys­tem has been taken over method­i­cally, and with inten­tion since the group of scamp­sters who cre­ated the Fed had their first meet­ing on Jekyll Island. There are many who have reported this to us all over the years; peo­ple like

 G. Edward Grif­fin,

Barry J. Dyke,

The Foun­da­tion for Eco­nomic Edu­ca­tion,

Aus­trian Eco­nom­ics Advo­cates,

the cre­ators of Inside Job, to name a few.

No one though, has been able to pro­vide a solu­tion the masses can uti­lize to escape (as much as pos­si­ble) the lack of con­trol of our finances that has been the out­come of this Fed intended plan, till R. Nel­son Nash came along.

If you want to move away from the lack of con­trol, lack of under­stand­ing, lack of use of your money, keep read­ing because there is a solu­tion to the Feds con­trol, gov­ern­ment inter­ven­tion and our cur­rent money mad­ness? Don’t hes­i­tate one minute in want­ing to learn more about what it is and how it can work for you?

The US finan­cial prob­lem is so per­va­sive that a solu­tion seems impos­si­ble and yet, there is a solu­tion. This solution’s only require­ment is the action of a sin­gle per­son act­ing in a man­ner to help only him­self, but in so act­ing ulti­mately he helps all of society.

Thou­sands of indi­vid­u­als are already par­tic­i­pat­ing and North Dakota State is also a part of the solu­tion and has been prac­tic­ing this since the Fed began. If just 10% of our pop­u­la­tion par­tic­i­pate, the Fed­eral Reserve will no longer be able to func­tion as it has been.

You have a choice. A real and impor­tant choice. You have come to this blog for a rea­son. You can stay part of the prob­lem, but I believe you have come here because you are look­ing to be part of the solu­tion. You have found me because I work with an awe­some group of lead­ers in the pri­vate bank­ing busi­ness who know exactly how to help you cre­ate the finan­cial life you want to cre­ate, and we are will­ing to teach you every­thing we know. Spread­ing the word is our pas­sion, is our mis­sion if you will. We do not just dab­ble in infi­nite bank­ing along with a long list of other finan­cial choices that have got­ten peo­ple nowhere in the past. We focus solely on, and are the experts in teach­ing infi­nite bank­ing the way Nel­son Nash wants it to be taught. Why, because we practice what we preach. With your best inter­est at the heart of each pol­icy design we show you pos­si­ble ways of using your bank­ing sys­tem to achieve your spe­cific goals and become finan­cially free.


It is really wonderful when your grown children want to come home and visit you and each other. I feel as though we have been very blessed and have so much to be grateful for. All my kids (I call them kids even though their ages range from 15 in a few days, to 20, 24 and 26) are happy to hang out together.

We live where the air is clean and the roads aren’t too busy. We have access to good live food. And even though our friends are moving away, one by one, to bigger and better places, at the moment we are happy to be here.

Bill (my husband of 30 years, as of 2011) grew up in Hawaii, USA and I in Melbourne, Australia. We met in New York and were married in California.  In our first 19 years of marriage, we actually moved 20 times. Don’t ask me how or why, it just happened that way. We have been in the house we currently reside in since 2000 though, so maybe another move will be in the stars. Either way is fine by me.

Visiting and living in different places and cultures opens your mind to God’s vastness and creativity. It also gives you the experience of how we are really all the same on the inside. God’s love is everywhere, it is just that some can see it and others call it something else.

My experience though is that most people experience it in some form or another, whether they call it that or recognize that or not. Who cares, so long as love and respect is experienced by all.

My kids have met and lived with people from many countries and cultures. 4 different continents in fact. India, Australia, Europe and Eastern & Western states of North America. They have lived in Ashrams as well as apartments and shared houses as well as our family homes; large and small, boarding schools as well as college dorms. They’ve lived with room mates and alone. They have experienced many different schools.  Waldorf (Rudolph Steiner in Australia), Montessori, Quaker, Siddha Yoga, Various Public, Non-Denominational Private, Catholic, and Home schools.

My first and last were born in South Fallsburg, New York as home births and the middle two were born in Australia, one a cesarean and the next at a private birthing center in to water.  My daughter has graduated college with BA in Art History with a concentration in Architecture and a minor in Math and is now married to an Albanian fellow whom she met while living in England for 2 years. He was living there also at the time.  They both have jobs they are happy with where they have both been promoted. My oldest son graduated with a BS and has started his own business as equal partner with my 2nd son who is half way through college. Both earned Eagle Scout rank with Boy Scouts of America, one while we were in Oregon and the other while in New York. They were also nominated as prefects at their school in Pennsylvania and are also members of a band named The Ingredients. One is a drummer, the other a lead singer, songwriter, composer,

guitarist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              My youngest is loving school and was so happy to see his older siblings over Thanksgiving. He told me he always feels a little down and sad when they all leave. He is so happy being on IS (Independent Study) after his first trimester grades were so good, All A’s so he earned that status.

How fortunate we are. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all who have influenced our lives.

Contact me (Jennifer Hansen) here – 845-649-7487 or







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  1. David Gardener - November 14, 2009


    Home page type is dark against a dark backgroung. Can hardly read it.


  2. Earl A. McCoubrey - November 15, 2009

    Ms. Hansen:
    You may recall responding to “Chuck” who wrote a hub on HubPages about amortization, touting the advantages of the bi-weekly mortgage. You expressed that there are better ways of paying off a mortgage early. Would you please point me to the hubs/blogs where I can read about that?

    Thank you, Earl A. McCoubrey

    Jennifer Bhala Hansen says:
    10 months ago

    Thanks for your reply to my comment

    All these methods are great for saving some interest but less than 5% of the homebuyers do this apparantly.

    There is an award winning program that has been created that is the absolute fastest way to pay off not just ‘any’ mortgage debt, but any type of debt. This is what I use. See hubs and blog to learn more if you are interested.

  3. admin - November 15, 2009

    Hi David,
    Thanks for letting me know. I use Firefox. Were you in Internet Explorer? Anyway, I changed the theme. Is it any better for you now? Thanks again.

  4. admin - November 15, 2009

    Hi Earl

    Yes I remember commenting on Chuck’s hub. Thanks for contacting me. I have emailed you with my website address for debt elimination. Please feel free to call me to talk in person when you have read the information on my website. Thanks again.

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  7. Jennifer - August 16, 2012

    A bi-weekly mortgage just means you are paying 26 payments a year instead of 24 if it was a semi-monthly. That means you are paying the equivalent of 13 monthly payments instead of 12 monthly payments. Now, each of those bi-weekly payments is made up of principal and interest according to where you on your amortization schedule. If you just took that one extra monthly payment and at the beginning of every year made a PRINCIPAL ONLY payment with it to the mortgage lender,for the same amount of money, you would pay off your mortgage faster and save more interest. However, there is an even better way to deal with your mortgage, so call me today so I can share that information with you. Jennifer 845-649-7487

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