Best Agents and Clients for IBC.

Our agency provides three times a week agent webinar trainings and once  month client continuing education webinars. We also are setting up a client back office so clients will have access to privileged information as well as past webinar recordings.

Agents will have access to our agency back office as well have the opportunity to own their own personal website to refer your prospects to. This website is $25 a month. This will include the multiple 5 minute videos on different banking strategies.

Agents will also have access to 5 minute videos with different snippets of educational information that can be emailed to prospects so they become interested.

Questions and answers

Q. What type of clients benefit most from using the IBC concept?

A. Most of my clients are either:

1/ currently storing their savings in ‘jail’ Jailed savings means the money people store for later, like higher education costs or retirement for example. Most financial vehicles keep ones money in jail for long periods and come with penalties and restricted use. Qualified Plans, CD’s, 529’s etc.

2/ borrowing from a financial institution and paying them interest

Business owners often have lines of credit with high interest rates and the average American finances many of their purchases, like vehicles, vacations, weddings etc.

3/ save their money to pay cash for big ticket items

Everyone makes payments for purchases. We either save up, spend and save again. Or we, borrow, pay back and borrow again. When we merge both these within a financial vehicle that allows us to spend the same money that is earning tax advantaged growth while being spent, is protected from lawsuits and has a death benefit on top,  nothing can beat this model.

4/ wanting some tax relief

Every dollar we earn is taxed multiple times. To be able to earn some tax free dividends, and have access to tax deferred growth, tax free and penalty free, this is what many people are looking for also. Our system helps them all recapture the lost opportunity cost of their jailed savings and the interest charges they are paying someone else. Those who have any interest in any of the following, are a great fit for IBC:

1. Turn a pay­ment lia­bil­ity, life insur­ance pre­mium, into a wealth build­ing asset.

2. Turn a depre­ci­at­ing asset, like a car, into an appre­ci­at­ing asset.

3. Have liq­uid­ity, access and con­trol of your money, without penalty or restriction.

4. Build a secure retire­ment with­out risk of loss.

5. Can­cel debt inter­est while build­ing a retire­ment.

6. Recap­ture prin­ci­pal and inter­est pay­ments on loans.

7. Earn income that is never taxed.

8. Leave a legacy for your loved ones that is not tax­able.

9. Multi-task your money instead of Uni-tasking.

10. Law­suit, cred­i­tor and judg­ment pro­tec­tion for your money.

5/ Business Owners

Q. What advice do you have for a client looking to hire a provider like you?

A. My advice to all my customers is to read bestselling author, Nelson Nash’s book, ‘Becoming Your Own Banker’ so they have a basic understanding of what I do and so can ask the right questions of me. Also, make a list of their financial goals so they are prepared to compare the strategies they have in place now, with our strategy to see which will truly make certain their goals will materialize.
Some examples of goals might be: save for education, private school tuition, saving for college, creating a pool of capital for financing business expenses, refinancing debts so they earn the interest instead of giving up that interest to someone else. Saving for an emergency fund and for retirement supplemental income, protecting loved one’s generationally with death benefit.
Also, how much risk or protection of principal is comfortable for them?
Click on the link for help in listing all current wealth building strategies to compare with ours.
We meet with clients, via online webinar, and use visuals to help them understand this concept till all their questions are answered and they are ready to ‘become their own banker’.
We structure private banking systems based on IRC 7702 so our clients can bank like a bank instead of like a consumer.

To be our client, you  must be willing to read the book, Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash also. We can entice you to want to read the book if you want to spend time on a webinar with us.


 We believe if someone does not want to read the book, this shows us:

1. if they are not capable then they are not capable of owning their own banking system.

2. if they don’t want to, that shows us we care more about their money than they do.

3. if they think they know everything about money already, then that shows us they are unteachable.

4. if they have someone else looking after their money for them, that shows us they don’t want to be in control of their own money.

Any client that will not read Nelson’s book means we will not work with them.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. I have always wanted to understand the secrets of banking. I even worked in a bank for 5 years in the hopes of learning some inside secrets, however, bank employees have no such luck. It wasn’t until May of 2007 that I met the right people that started my journey of discovery and I have been studying banking ever since. This is not information that you will find in the mainstream financial world.
I now understand many of the banking strategy secrets  used to keep us all ignorant of what banks are really charging us and how money truly works. I love to share those secrets with my clients. I believe it is imperative that as many as people as possible understand the absolute importance of banking like a bank instead of like a consumer so this economy can be helped to be turned around.
Every financial transaction includes banking. Banking has been around for 5000 years. Nowhere in our educational system is banking taught though. I am a banking educator and I also practice what I preach.
I know why people are easily led into debt but I also know how to turn that around so they can use their debt to build wealth.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. A consumer should ask their financial professional…
1. Why do you do what you do?
2. How long have you been doing what you do?
3. How are you different than the competition? Have your financial professional take this quiz so you can compare what they would advise with what we offer.
4. What makes your service stand out from others doing the same thing?
5. Are there any guarantees with your service?
6. Is this legal?
7. How life changing would the outcome be if I were to work with you?
8. Do you do what you tell others to do?
9. How does it work for you, how has it improved your life?
10. How will this work for me personally?
11. How much will it cost me to have my questions answered before I say yes or no?

Q. What important information should those investigating how to improve their financial circumstances have thought through before seeking you out?

A. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself tonight….
1. What keeps you up at night? Why are you thinking of contacting me?
2. What are your current financial concerns or problems?
3. Please be more specific with describing those concerns and problems.
4. Have you tried to correct this situation in the past?
5. How did that work for you?
6. Your current situation, how much is it costing you each month, year?
7. How does your current financial situation make you feel?
8. How would life be different if you could change your situation?
9. If we can show you a proven way to solve your financial problems, would you take the next step with us?
10. Are you concerned with the return ON your money when you should be concerned about the return OF your money? We focus on stopping the leaks from your wealth profile. Unnecessary taxes, insurance and interest on debts are the three biggest leaks.
We can help plug up those leaks. Prospects should stop and look at their financial circumstances. Doing a comparison of all their investments and how they spend or move their cash flow. They should list all their financial vehicles and determine their value, benefits and their drawbacks and then come and compare them to what we offer as an alternative way of handling their money.
You will find it takes an expert in banking to guide that process. To really understand how one can change things around one has to understand how money and interest works.
Q. What are some questions I would want to ask agents about different companies they recommend?
It depends on what you are most looking for in your banking system as to which company you would choose. Some questions to ask might be..

*Do they accept billpay with a mailed check or electronically for loan repayments?
*Do they pay PUA’s up to age 75, 80 or higher? The higher the better in my book.
*Do they allow as many loans as you want or do they limit the number of loans?
*Do they have a 24/7 on-line client back office that tracks all the information for your policy including individual loans and loan repayments, interest charges, dividends paid etc. etc.
*Do they ‘like’ the banking concept?
*Some company agents are told to advise you to pay off loans before you buy more PUA’s etc.
*Make sure you write on any cheques you send in whether you want the money to pay for premium, loans, PUA’s, Interest charges etc.
*Does your agent know how to practice personal and business banking with the company they are representing and are they willing to advise you for a life time to help you make decisions when different financial matters come up so you make the most beneficial use of your banking system?

Q. Important Note:
Steer clear of any agent trying to sell you any type of Universal Life for banking purposes. That includes VUL, EIUL, UL or any other type of UL. Here’s why:
UL death benefit increases in cost every year because it is an annual renewable Term and relies on a non-guaranteed with probable losses investment side vehicle. This is a plan for loss and disaster in the future. If you add banking with this type of vehicle, then forget it, it will certainly be guaranteed to lapse earlier than normal. Even if the contract has guarantees, they are usually nullified as soon as you take a loan or have a late payment for any reason, even if the mail was held up. Do you think over your lifetime you may have one accidental late payment?

I believe this world is made up of the pairs of opposites. Good and Evil, Dark and Light, Night and Day, Pleasure and Pain, Sickness and Wellness, Strong and Weak, Greed and Generosity, Love and Hate, Wealth and Poverty, Problems and Solutions.

We all have the choice to focus on, believe in, aspire to, which ever way we wish to go.

To experience either of all these extremes we can focus on everything that is wrong with our lives or everything that is right with our lives and this world. We attract and so create a quality of life accordingly.

We see so many atrocities played out, thanks to the media, but because there are such things, there HAS to be an equal or greater amount of awesomeness. Too many have forgotten this fact so they keep worrying about what is wrong instead of looking for what is right. They moan about the problems instead of searching for and participating in the solutions.

You have to attract those people, places, events, solutions, into YOUR OWN life though. You must be what you want and believe in yourself so you can determine whether you are attracting people who want to show you how to have more control and power, love and respect, and goodness in your life, or whether you are being faked out by scampsters.

Our monetary system has been taken over methodically, and with intention since the group of scampsters who created the Fed had their first meeting on Jekyll Island. There are many who have reported this to us all over the years; people like G. Edward Griffin, Barry J. Dyke, The Foundation for Economic Education, Austrian Economics Advocates, the creators of Inside Job, to name a few. No one though, has been able to provide a solution the masses can utilize to escape (as much as possible) the lack of control of our finances that has been the outcome of this Fed intended plan, till R. Nelson Nash came along.

It actually shocks me, how many people believe government plans and programs are created to help them. It also shocks me that so many people happily give their money to someone else then just roll over and allow others to control their hard earned money. It shocks me that so many viewers and listeners believe that the so-called financial pundits on the television and radio have their best interests at heart and are not just spouting out what they are told to report (buy Term and invest the difference) to help the whole devious plan continue. It shocks me that people are happy to do what their bank managers tell them to do with their money, as if the the bank manager is not looking out for the banks profits and ultimately their own job first. Col­lege cur­ricu­lum have been writ­ten and designed by those who cre­ated the Fed­eral Reserve sys­tem so it will per­pet­u­ate the sys­tem of power, con­trol and greed by those in con­trol of all the money.

If you want to move away from the lack of control, lack of understanding, lack of use of your money, keep reading because there is a solu­tion to the Feds control, gov­ern­ment inter­ven­tion and our cur­rent money mad­ness?

Don’t hes­i­tate one minute in want­ing to learn more about what it is and how it can work for you? The US financial prob­lem is so per­va­sive that a solu­tion seems impos­si­ble and yet, there is a solu­tion.

This solution’s only require­ment is the action of a sin­gle per­son act­ing in a man­ner to help only him­self, but in so act­ing ulti­mately he helps all of society. Thousands of individuals are already participating and North Dakota State is also a part of the solution and has been practicing this since the Fed began.

If just 10% of our population participate, the Federal Reserve will no longer be able to function as it has been. You have a choice. A real and important choice. You have come to this blog for a reason. You can stay part of the problem, but I believe you have come here because you are looking to be part of the solution. You have found me because I work with an awesome group of leaders in the private banking business who know exactly how to help you create the financial life you want to create, and we are willing to teach you everything we know.

Spreading the word is our passion, is our mission if you will. We do not just dabble in infinite banking along with a long list of other financial choices that have gotten people nowhere in the past. We focus solely on, and are the experts in teaching infinite banking the way Nelson Nash wants it to be taught. With your best interest at the heart of each policy design we show you possible ways of using your banking system to achieve your specific goals and become financially free.

As your bank­ing coach you can expect the following…

1. You ben­e­fit from a group of finan­cial pro­fes­sion­als headed by two men who have been prac­tic­ing infi­nite bank­ing for 10 years and whose agency is the old­est and most expe­ri­enced of the four main agen­cies in the US. Nel­son Nash him­self is the trainer and friend of the own­ers of the agency I have cho­sen to work with.

2. The only rea­son I have a life insur­ance license is because I feel so strongly about the ben­e­fits of the infi­nite bank­ing sys­tem for all Amer­i­cans. I obtained my license when I learned and began prac­tic­ing the value of this bank­ing strat­egy for myself and my family.

3. We pride our­selves on being edu­ca­tors of pri­vate bank­ing strate­gies first. We hap­pen to have to be licensed life insur­ance agents as we use a spe­cific life insur­ance pol­icy design for the heart of or chassis for our bank­ing system.

4. You will under­stand mul­ti­ple bank­ing strate­gies that are designed to keep you poor, and show you how to eas­ily imple­ment those same strate­gies into your daily finan­cial prac­tice, to cre­ate more wealth. You can bank like a bank instead of like a consumer.

5. Your suc­cess is my num­ber one pri­or­ity. I will not sell you prod­ucts that would increase my com­mis­sions but are less ben­e­fi­cial than the spe­cially designed, div­i­dend pay­ing whole life insur­ance pol­icy with a mutual com­pany, with patented max­i­mum cash accu­mu­la­tion, features. I want you to understand how to multi-task every dollar you earn.  

As our client, we are look­ing for peo­ple who are seri­ous about get­ting their finances in order..

1. I like to work with clients who are will­ing to pur­chase and read Nel­son Nash’s book ‘Becom­ing Your Own Banker’ as I want my clients to care more about their money than I do. Read­ing the book helps prove that to me. Plus you need a basis from which to ask the right ques­tions and this book gives you that basis.

2. I like my clients to be will­ing to actively take part of the edu­ca­tional process required for a full under­stand­ing of the imple­men­ta­tion of mul­ti­ple bank­ing strate­gies for their finan­cial suc­cess. We hold weekly open webi­nars and indi­vid­ual webi­nars with our clients. This is a process of education.

3. You will be encour­aged to keep in touch over time and pro­vide updates on the use of the sys­tem and ask ques­tions as they arise.

4. You may also want to read the book How Pri­va­tized Bank­ing Really Works. It meshes beau­ti­fully with Becom­ing Your Own Banker and is rec­om­mended as a must read by Nel­son Nash him­self, as well. 5. Hon­esty, integrity and respect are the key to an uplift­ing busi­ness rela­tion­ship and I look for­ward to years of com­mu­ni­ca­tions whether it be on a monthly, quar­terly, annual or ran­dom, depend­ing on needs, basis.  

If you would like to share Infi­nite Bank­ing with oth­ers and wish to also become a licensed agent, our agency is look­ing for…

1. Agents who pre­fer to be an edu­ca­tor of the infi­nite bank­ing con­cept, rather than a life insur­ance agent just sell­ing a pol­icy to make a buck. To prac­tice what one preaches means the agent must own his/her own bank­ing sys­tem so they can speak from experience.

2. The agent is will­ing to go through the nec­es­sary edu­ca­tional process as taught by Scott Christensen & Scott Johnson, the own­ers, till they feel the agent is ready to rep­re­sent their stan­dard of abil­i­ties in edu­cat­ing clients. My mentors and colleagues Craig Floyd and Dr. Jason Henderson will also be teaching and helping you along the path.

3. The agent is will­ing to meet with their client on a reg­u­lar basis to make cer­tain they are tak­ing full advan­tage of their bank­ing sys­tem and mak­ing the most edu­cated finan­cial deci­sions for years to come.

4. The agent will never sell a UL, a VL, an EIUL or any other finan­cial prod­uct that is not rec­om­mended to be used for bank­ing and is not rec­om­mended as a life insur­ance pol­icy by us for any reason.

5. The agent will never rep­re­sent IBC as an invest­ment or retire­ment plan but will rep­re­sent IBC as a specially designed whole insurance policy that has cash values which can be used as a way of financ­ing one’s pur­chases through­out one’s life, which will cap­ture so much lost wealth thatif used properly will most likely improve the owners lifestyle, now and as they age.  

If you are pas­sion­ate about edu­cat­ing as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble about infi­nite bank­ing the way Nel­son Nash intended it to be taught then read on and then give me a call.

The agency I work under is Alliance Group Financial. Watch our 38 minute recorded webinar to learn about our focus.

I have cho­sen this agency for the fol­low­ing reasons.

1. The sole pur­pose of this agency is edu­ca­tion of the Infi­nite Bank­ing Con­cept, in align­ment with what Nel­son Nash teaches and advis­ers because they have been taught directly from Nel­son for the past ten years.

2. The agency is owned by those who are con­sid­ered to be the in the top 10 of the top 20 teach­ers of this con­cept.

3. The agency pro­vides men­tor­ship, free edu­ca­tion on a weekly basis, mul­ti­ple pow­er­points and other unique edu­ca­tional tools, that have been designed over many years. Our agents will have use of these pro­pri­etary pow­er­points for mak­ing shar­ing this con­cept with their clients easy. We also come to your area and do seminars or you can come to Sandy Utah and join in our seminars.

4. Because the agency own­ers, Scott Christensen and Scott Johnson, have per­son­ally been using their own fam­ily bank­ing sys­tems with their own busi­nesses for many years, they under­stand and teach the busi­ness bank­ing model to the self-employed and busi­ness own­ers with first hand knowledge and experience. Craig Floyd and Jason Henderson also have been  practicing IBC with real estate investing and business banking with their own businesses.

5. The agency focuses on the Infi­nite Bank­ing Con­cept being used with div­i­dend pay­ing whole life with the patented max­i­mum cash accu­mu­la­tion design from one spe­cific com­pany and will not tol­er­ate the use of any UL, EIUL or VL insur­ance prod­ucts being touted as bank­ing poli­cies for any rea­son. It does not just add infi­nite bank­ing to their long list of oth­er finan­cial prod­ucts offered, they focus on and are experts in the infi­nite bank­ing con­cept.

They have had past experience of selling the regular products that are available everywhere but have chosen to focus on this one because their research and personal experience has enlightened them to the brilliance of this one concept as a solution for most, if not all, financial situations.

Below is an arti­cle by Jim Kin­dred (Co-Owner of Financial Strate­gies Group) – Pub­lished in  Van­guard August 2010. Jim is also an awesome teacher of IBC.

Click illustration below to read Jim Kindred’s article in Vanguard, from August 2010  

Whether you want to be a client, an agent or both, give me a call NOW – Jennifer Hansen 845-649-7487.

I just love sharing this banking concept with who ever is as interested as I am in guaranteed no loss of principal, guaranteed growth, security and in taking control of their financial situation immediately.

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  1. Jamie Lippert - August 2, 2012

    What are the dividend paying, whole life companies that you recommend ?

  2. Jennifer - August 11, 2012

    Hi Jamie,

    If you email me I will answer this question.

  3. Amy Newton - September 21, 2012

    Hi Jennifer,

    I just heard about IBC and am impressed with how amazing this system seems. I just finished reading Nash’s book and am ready to learn more about how to put this concept into practice in my financial life. I know that I have to get a few more ducks in a row before I begin this path, but would love to learn more about the steps to implementing this strategy, including how to find the right person to guide me along… this state-based? Or can anyone anywhere be an agent?

    Thanks for your time.


  4. Jack Schiefelbein - January 1, 2013

    Would you recommend Guardian Life as a company to use for IBC?

  5. Jennifer - January 1, 2013

    Hi Jack,

    I have not used Guardian as a recommended company as yet. They are not one of my favorite companies but that doesn’t mean you cannot use them.

  6. Balraj - March 23, 2013

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am interested in IBC concept. I am 54 years old and live in NJ.

    Any help or further details will be appreciated.


  7. Jennifer - April 16, 2013

    Please contact me at 845-649-7487 Bernard

  8. Jennifer - June 7, 2013

    Please call me on 845 649 7487 or email me at

  9. Tom - April 11, 2013

    Having used Guardian, I see no problem with implenting IBC. They are direct recognition, so they will adjust their dividend up if you take out a loan…one downside to be aware of is not to exceed the MEC limit. Guardian does not return your money if overfunding will result in the contract becominga MEC…other co’s will return the overage. It will really come down to having the right agent design the policy regardless of which recommended company you go with. The best company wth a poor design will produce disappointing results.

    Thanks for sharing the cash flow example – that was a great example of how to implement…

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