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Do you have NO-LAPSE Protection Strategies on Your Whole Life Insurance Policy? Free Evaluation.

Are you finding it difficult to pay your whole life insurance premiums? Don’t lose your policy by just stopping your payments. You own a valuable asset. There are many strategies you can use to either keep it alive for your loved ones, or benefit from the built up cash or death benefit now, while you […]

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IRS Code 7702 – Who Wins When You Play Chess With Yourself?

Understanding the players in the financial game can help you win with each move you make.

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Protected: Multi-tasking Dollars using Life Insurance and Real Estate as an Investment Opportunity.

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Do What Banks Do

Wouldn’t you rather bank like a banker instead of like a consumer? Ask me how today! See how banks really earn their millions – For more information check out this blog post:

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You Finance Everything You Buy – You Either Pay Interest or Give Up Interest.

The Debtor doesn’t have any sav­ings so they are forced into bor­row­ing. They bor­row the money and work toward pay­ing it back and get­ting back to zero. They do this over and over because if they don’t have any cash, they are going to be forced to bor­row every time a major expense comes up.

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Where Do You Prefer to have Your Wealth Reside?

Look­ing at the facts, where would you pre­fer to have your wealth reside? Real Estate? Take a look around and see what hap­pens when one needs liq­uid­ity. Real Estate is very much a frozen asset. The Stock Mar­ket? Until you have read the books listed on page 91 in BYOB you are not really qual­i­fied […]

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Mechanics of Insurance Policy Loans

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The Perfect Investment by Carlos Lara

Click on the link below for the article. The Perfect Investment

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Creating Financial Certainty

Creating  Financial  Certainty   We  believe  that  by  eliminating  risk  from  your  financial  model  and  focusing  on  financial  strategies  that  are  not  risk ‐ based  or  market‐ based,  and  by  recapturing  interest,  principal  and  lost  opportunity  costs,  you  will  virtually  guarantee  a  financial  wealth  building  system  “that  always  produces  the  intended  outcome”.  Every  day,  we […]

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Protected: Wealth Course.

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Diversify with Life Insurance for Tax-Smart Retirement Income

Make certain you buy the specially designed life insurance policies recommended by Nelson Nash and the Infinite Banking Institute.

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Live Event in Utah – Fri Jan 10th 2014 – Free – 12 Keys to Creating Financial Certainty. Also via Webinar

Make your 2014 a spectacular year! Be proactive by hanging out with and learning from those who know the 12 Keys to Creating Financial Certainty, because we are willing to share this information with you. Who do you know in Utah or who do you know who is willing to travel to Utah to learn […]

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Meaning of LUCK in relation to your money – Liquidity, Use, Control, Knowledge.

The power of your money is useless unless  you have liquidity, use, control and knowledge (LUCK) of it. It’s not where your money is deposited that is important, rather it’s what you can do with it that is. The LUCK of gambling has no place in a guaranteed setting. There are so many vehicles that […]

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100 Years of the FED – A Night of Clarity – August 23rd and 24th 2013

“It is the masses that determine the course of history, but its initial movement must start with the individual.” — How Privatized Banking Really Works Dr. Ron Paul will Headline! Click on picture for more details

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Qualified Plans Postpone Taxes NOT Save Taxes – There is a Superior Choice!

Thursday, January 10th 2013 –  5:00 pm till 6:00 pm. Join us for our Edu­ca­tional Sem­i­nar on Infi­nite Bank­ing as an alter­na­tive way to supplement your  retirement savings. Loca­tion: Orange County Cham­ber of Com­merce, Mont­gomery Meet­ing Room 30 Scott’s Cor­ners Drive | Mont­gomery, NY 12549 | Tel 845/457‑9700 Register Here Today!  or call Jennifer 845-649-7487 or […]

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Educational, Live, Infinite Banking Seminars – Orange County Chamber of Commerce – Montgomery, NY

DECEMBER 2012 CALENDAR Thursday 13th – 8 am till 9 am Thursday 20th – 1 pm till 2 pm Location: Orange County Chamber of Commerce, Montgomery Meeting Room 30 Scott’s Corners Drive | Montgomery, NY 12549 | Tel 845/457-9700 Debt Diagnosis – Financial Well-Being Solutions will be holding live educational seminars at the beautiful, new, […]

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Protected: IBC Loan Interest – Who gets it?

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We Teach Business Owners 10 Strategies for Financial Success:

We are Small Business Growth Advisors. Examples of What We Teach and Offer Business Owners: 1. Implementing powerful, little known techniques used by multi-billion dollar corporations to improve bottom line profits while lessening tax liabilities. 2. Transforming Liabilities into Assets. 3. Generating Additional Cash Flow – without changing your current business model. 4. Moving money […]

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5 Key Assets / 5 Key Benefits / 5 Key Reliefs of Becoming Your Own Banker

5 Key Benefits of Becoming Your Own Banker 1  You become a loan committee of one because you own and control your private banking system. 2  Your transactions are private, and are not subject to credit bureaus or lending networks. 3  You recapture the interest once paid to other lending institutions. 4  You create your […]

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The compounding effect of NOT paying maximum premiums.

Please click on illustration for larger view. We can easily see with this illustrative comparison that there is a greater loss, over time, than just the amount of the premium that was not paid in years 4 and 5. The total premium NOT paid for those two years was $12,524. The difference between the Guaranteed […]

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Protected: L14) Paying Premiums from Policy Values. Yes or No?

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$15 trillion debt, and Congress on Prozac – Jackson Closed the Central Bank.

$15 trillion debt, and Congress on Prozac   Bill Vincent, Fort Worth Personal Finance ExaminerNovember 16, 2011 One of the incredible benefits of being in Congress MUST be a virtually unlimited Prozac supply. There can’t be any other explanation to the inaction on public debt.Perhaps Congress views the public debt like many people view birthdays. […]

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3 Strategies for Buying a Car. Spender, Saver or Wealth Creator Strategies


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Who is YOUR money working hardest for TODAY? How much of your money is in JAIL?

Who is profiting most from your jailed money today, while you wait for your future? Inter­est is always work­ing. It is either work­ing for you or against you. You are either earn­ing inter­est, pay­ing inter­est or los­ing the oppor­tu­nity to earn inter­est. There are no other scenarios. Money has to move to earn. Stag­nant money […]

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Unique, Exclusive to Life Strategies Group Agents, Upcoming Trainings.

For Life Insurance Agents Who Love Infinite Banking. If you are considering which agency to join as a life agent that offers your clients the best possible policies and scenarios for their infinite banking systems? Look no further. 1/ Life Strategies Group will be holding exclusive trainings that focus on how to use a variety […]

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Asset Safety & Benefits Comparison – How Much of Your Money is in JAIL?


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A Night of Clarity – You Can Be One of the 10%

  View this video – 1 minute 45 seconds  The IBC Solution By L. Carlos Lara Life, as we all know, is difficult. Each twenty-four hours of every day is filled with uncertainty and a host of stress filled problems of one kind or another. In fact, the demand for stress relief from life’s problems […]

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President Andrew Jackson Shut Down the Central Bank and WE CAN TOO!

During the term of his administration, President Andrew Jackson shut down the Central Bank and paid off the entire National Debt! These two heroic accomplishments have never been duplicated, but prove it can be done! Come, Learn, and Be Inspired! Join us in Nashville, Music City, U.S.A., July 22nd and 23rd for

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Car Loan Comparison – Corner Bank or Your Banking System

The first consideration is the process to actually get the loan in the first place. BANK LOAN Purpose of Loan- Must be for a specific item like car, appliance, home, etc. Approval- Must be approved for the loan Credit Check- Approved credit history as well as reliable income source(s) Terms & Conditions- Interest Rate, Amortization […]

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30 Benefits of Owning a Personal Banking System 1. Flexible – Get multiple uses from each dollar! Typically, we allocate dollars into individual buckets that meet specific needs or wants. We have our savings bucket, our retirement bucket, our investment bucket and our insurance buckets. A dollar placed in any one of these buckets serves […]

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