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STUDENT LOAN SCENARIO – how can $4,000 actually increase your wealth by $18,299.32?

 How many student loans do you own? Blindly paying monthly payments without understanding what is really going on behind the scenes with each of your loans can create devastating unmanageable increasing debt load. Let me help you understand what is going on with your debts and come up with a plan so there will be […]

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GAMES LENDERS PLAY WITH YOUR STUDENT LOANS – Student Loan Misinformation that causes lifelong increasing debt.

The owner of this student loan has been told by the lender her monthly payment need only be $48, and that is what she has been paying for a number of years. She believes that the loan is a ten (10) year loan also. Why isn’t basic loan mathematics a requirement to understand before anyone […]

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College Costs Increase for 2014/2015

College Costs Increase for 2014/2015

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COLLEGE SAVING CHOICES with Benefits Comparison

There are so many occasions we buy gifts for our loved ones throughout one year.  Once a year everyone has a birthday. Once a year it is also Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Easter, and New Year. Graduation from pre-school, kindergarten, elementary school are also times we gift our children. How about considering, instead of buying them […]

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Free Tuition Software – for tracking student loan details.

Just found this awesome looking software designed specifically for tracking student loans making it easier to know which loans to tackle first, how much you owe, where you are at in your amortization schedules etc. and more. Most loans will automatically populate after you enter your information. Best part is, at the moment it is […]

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What’s the BEST Way to Pay for College? Free Presentation Feb 21st.

Come find out at our free, one hour educational presentation on February 21st from 5 till 6 pm at the Orange County Chamber of Commerce Gallery Room. If you are unable to join us for this live presentation, call me anyway so we can provide a private webinar for you to answer your questions. REGISTER […]

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L30) How Cash Flows Through Your Private Banking System

One Example of Cash Flowing Through A Private Reserve, Infinite Banking System “You will either own your own bank or you will be the customer of someone else’s bank, but you cannot take banking out of the equation.” Nelson Nash. Question: Which current financial vehicle works best for utilizing as a private reserve, infinite banking […]

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Those who understand interest earn it, those who don’t, pay it! Are student loan rates really what they seem?

Einstein said: “Those who understand interest earn it, those who don’t, pay it.” Which are you; the earner or the payer? Check out this student loan being charged 2.9%. This person told me they were not in a hurry to pay back this loan because the interest rate was so low. But the rate is […]

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Protected: L14) Paying Premiums from Policy Values. Yes or No?

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The Long Slow Decline of the 529 Plan. WSJ

Education and Your Money by AnnaMaria Andriotis (Author Archive) Published October 5, 2010 Is this the real beginning of the end for 529 college savings plans? The Long Slow Decline of the 529 Plan Read more: Wall Street Journal Ever since the crash, parents have been wary of 529 plans. Now they’re doing something about […]

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IRC 529 vs IRC 7702 – Saving for College

First of all, what is a 529? (It is the Tax code governing college savings plans) The 529 college savings plan is a state sponsored, tax-advantaged tool that is offered so families can save specifically for qualified higher education expenses for their children. Personally, I do not like to call them ‘savings’ plans due to […]

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