My Personal IBC (Infinite Banking) Experience

 My Personal Infinite Banking (IBC) Experience.

I was recently given very short notice to share my experience of how IBC has benefited my family during a recent all day training. (Jan 2014) I was on line in New York even though the event was live in Utah. I don’t know why I said I have been practicing Infinite Banking for 4 years when it has actually been since mid 2009. I guess time flies when you’re having fun. I have been studying and practicing out-of-the-box banking strategies since 2007 though. Public speaking is not my forte. Below is my short version.


Please view the 8 minute 37 second video below. It is a clip taken out of a longer session.



 1/ I cannot tell you the relief of knowing we had that death benefit (tax free trust) on my husband’s life during this trying time in our lives. It sure did make both our experiences so much less stressful. I have policies on my life also so it would work both ways.

Unfortunately, one of my husband’s friends died recently, November 2013, and his wife just told my husband that their 15 year term policy on him, ran out in May 2013 and they decided not to renew it due the incredible price increase they were faced with. So he died leaving no death benefit to help her. She is in her 60’s and now has the burden of having to sell many things to afford to live with the loss of his income. In this market, she is not getting the prices she expected either. Sadly, they did not want to listen to me in 2009 when I presented IBC to them.


2/ Fortunately, I was able to take policy loans by collateralizing our accumulated cash values that have helped us live while my husband has not been well enough to work. He was off for 3 months in 2012 and then part time a lot of the rest of the time. Then unable to work at all again since April 2013.

On top of that, I was able to move money from policy to policy, taking loans to pay the premiums before borrowing against the newly generated cash value to the next policy, paying off loans there to then again taking a loan to pay the next policies premium etc. All in all I paid 5 whole life policy premiums and two term life premiums this way using the same money over and over again. Did not have to loose any policies due to non payment.


3/Guaranteed convertibility protects the health status of the insured but not their age so when we do convert them, the older he is the more expensive the death benefit will be. However, because my husband is now uninsurable ……. and the two term policies are convertible, I can convert these policies to be whole life policies during the ten year term they will be in force which means they will be able to protect us for his whole entire life instead of running out when we will most likely need them the most.

Due to the fact he is now uninsurable, I am very glad we will be able to convert to whole life $800,000 of death benefit in the near future. If it came to pass that I was unable to afford to convert these policies, I’m certain with the help of our 4 children, we could easily manage doing so.

Wouldn’t that then mean my kids would have a guaranteed, tax free, windfall coming their way in the future? How does that compare to the guarantees of a 401k? Oh, what 401k guarantees you ask? There’s my point. But are we all guaranteed to leave this world one day? YES.

Why did I only take out ten year term policies and not 20 or 30 year terms? Because the time frame for being able to convert, which goes by age, will be up in ten years and I want to convert them within that time frame. Different companies have different age limits for this feature but usually they are around 65 or 70 years of age. Why pay the extra premium cost for a 20 or 30 year term knowing I will only hold it for under ten years?

Each company treats the Conversion of the Term to a Whole Life with Paid Up Additions differently. Depending on whether you want to convert for the death benefit or for cash may depend on which company you want to use for your convertible term at the outset. You may even want to diversify and buy convertible term with a couple of different companies because of how each company treats Paid Up Additions during the actual conversion process.


 4/ Waiver of Premium rider is an extra expense, and the older you are the more it costs to add it but it has been a heaven sent for us. The waiver of premium rider protects the insured of the policy if they become disabled and therefore unable to work. It actually protects the policy from lapsing by the insurance company paying for the premiums for a certain amount of time and up to a certain age.

Again, each company has different rules regarding this rider. I had purchased it only on the whole life policies which insured my husband but not the term policies, which I could have done, or the whole life policies on my life. Quite often this can be added later, so if you want to add it, ask your insurance company or agent if you can. You may need more under-writing to have it approved. Is it worth it? It is if you need to use it, but I wouldn’t wish the need on anyone.

Anyway, we have had one company return our premium to us and the other company has approved the situation and so will be returning our premium to us shortly. In other words, the loans I took to pay those premiums plus the interest owed on the existing loans, was reimbursed to us.

QUESTION: please email me your response: Which sentence is most interesting about the above scan of the cheque one company sent to me with their description? Hint: The annual premium due for this policy was $12,075.00. $15,094.64 minus $12,075 = $3,019.64. Why did the insurance company give me $3,000 extra, above my premium due? Their letter states, “The enclosed check is a refund of the premium paid since that date.” Aren’t they then calling, premium, the interest due and paid for on the past years loans, plus the interest charged in advance when loan for premium was taken? Please contemplate that and read page 70 of Becoming Your Own Banker.


5/ Accelerated Death Benefit rider is not available in every state but it is in most states. It is designed to allow you to use a portion of the death benefit to improve the life of a terminally ill person who has been told they have a year to live.

Fortunately, we did not have to use this rider but it still helps you sleep better at night knowing that it is available if you need it. This is a free rider in most instances, again, check with your insurance company.

And last but not least:

6/ Acknowledging so much help from Friends and Family is just as important also. I am, we are,  eternally thankful and grateful and appreciative and humbled by the extensive support given to myself and my husband during this time as well, without which we could not have coped and the outcome would certainly not have been as good as it is today. So even though we prepared ourselves as best we could, it was not enough to come out the other end, in good health, without the support of so many kind souls. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to you all.

Our Beloved SYDA Meditation Teacher,

Friends  — Nishkala, Marie, Sanchi, Kevin and Bernadette. Pat and Mar­tin, Anita, Terry, Cheryl, Doug and Margit, Claire, Dawn and Greg, Bob, Yamuna and Cliff, Craig, Scott and Jason, Dominic, Mukunda, Chandra, Dennis, Vikki  and all those who sent their well-wishes. Thank you.

Fam­ily — Anne and Ray, Joseph and Patti , June, Tara, Ann and Dwain, Anjana and Vesel, Mad­hava, Eric and Kristin and Sarathi



Oh, by the way, if you would like to see the power of eating an alkaline diet along with using Young Living Essential Oils and some other products, check out this link. It shows a history progression in photos, of my husband’s healing process.

No pharmaceutical drugs have been used since leaving the hospital on October 11th 2013.

The medical industry is just as corrupt as the banking industry but there is an alternative way for your health just as IBC is an alternative way for your wealth.



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  1. Donald McCullough - June 11, 2015

    Ms. Bhala,

    Thank you very much for sharing your personal story. Your husband is a very fortunate man and you are a wise woman. My heart goes out to you both. Best wishes!

  2. Jennifer - June 12, 2015

    Thank you Donald. Your response is much appreciated.

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