Our Mission Statement – The Private Reserve Strategy™.

 We do business in all 50 states of the USA and also in CANADA (Not Quebec)


Debt Diagnosis provides Solutions for Financial Well Being.

We Use Private Reserve Strategies with IRC 7702 to Covert Liabilities Into Assets so you can Bank like a Bank instead of like a Consumer.

We show you the difference between paying with interest, paying with cash and paying with collateralization of cash value.

We coach you in utilizing the Private Reserve Strategy™. (PASSWORD: dswc)

What about the dream of retirement?

To many, this means a lifestyle void of work.

Is this really something worth dreaming?

Most work at a job they do not enjoy to pay for the car to get to the job they do not like because it offers a deductible retirement savings account, which allows them to postpone their taxes to when they will be in a higher bracket.
They then drive this car home to the house they are paying off as fast as they can, killing the very deduction they hoped to get by working at the job they don’t like… so it is paid off by the time they retire…so when they die their kids can sell the house for less than it’s worth.
Then the kids can do the exact same thing their parents did … so they can live the American dream too.
If you are going to dream, make sure you Dream Big.
Don Blanton

There is a better way…a bigger dream…that is possible, with the right tools, and the right knowledge.

The Private Reserve Strategy can change this scenario for you. Start today!

Jennifer Hansen

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I am in the financial services business with a very unique approach in that I help people find money they are currently transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily.

Most people will lose more money in the areas of Mortgages, Taxes, how you fund your Qualified Plan, College Planning, and expenses like car payments, credit cards and even their vacations, than they will accumulate in their lifelong savings account.
I believe that we can have a bigger impact on your financial future by helping you avoid the losses rather than helping you pick the winning investments.
It makes little sense to have a million dollars only to discover you lost a million on the way.
One example of the Private Reserve Strategy.

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