Where Do You Prefer to have Your Wealth Reside?

Look­ing at the facts, where would you pre­fer to have your wealth reside? Real Estate? Take a look around and see what hap­pens when one needs liq­uid­ity. Real Estate is very much a frozen asset. The Stock Mar­ket? Until you have read the books listed on page 91 in BYOB you are not really qual­i­fied […]

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Infinite Banking (IBC) is something an individual can do to change the world.

CHAMPIONS OF LIBERTY AND SOUND MONEY AUSTRIAN ECONOMISTS You too, can become part of the greater solution. Carl Menger, an Austrian economist, who wrote “Principles of Economics” in 1871, is considered by many to be the founder of the Austrian School. Ludwig von Mises, another great thinker of the Austrian School, applied the theory of […]

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Becoming Your Own Banker for Multi-tasking Debt Elimination Dollars

  (Our Retire­ment Ready-or-Not cal­cu­la­tor helps you deter­mine how much you will want to put away while you are work­ing so you can main­tain your cur­rent stan­dard of liv­ing after you retire) When you pay off college loan debts, credit card debts, car loan repayments etc. what happens to the money you make those repayments […]

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Protected: 10) More on EVA – The Crux of the Private Reserve Infinite Banking Strategy

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Protected: L31) Understanding Section 4 of Nelson Nash’s best selling book ‘Becoming Your Own Banker’

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Becoming Your Own Banker – Sixth Edition – Available Today on NOOK!

Go to Barnes & Noble and get your NOOK so you you can read Nelson Nash’s Newest Edition of Becoming Your Own Banker.Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept. You can order a paperback book copy here. 5 Key Benefits of Becoming Your Own Banker 1  You become a loan committee of one because you own and […]

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Privatized Financial Strategy for Business Owners – SEMINARS – July 17th & 18th 2012

Learn the Numerical Facts vs Financial Fiction   * REGISTRATION CLOSED – NO WALK-INS. * Limited Seating Available so Register here today:  Registration Closes on July 15th. Limited Seating Available so REGISTER HERE TODAY: Registration Closes on July 15th.   ABOUT our EDUCATIONAL seminars: We finance everything we buy. We either borrow other people’s money and […]

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Are There Any Solutions Available to Our Financial Mayham? Yes!

While most everyone is focusing on every conceivable thing that could be wrong with our monetary system, there are a few, less than 1% of the population, who are focused and on a mission to share the knowledge of the solution with the population The problem seems so vast and so far out of control […]

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Protected: L2) EVA Defined – Economic Value Added

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Who is YOUR money working hardest for TODAY? How much of your money is in JAIL?

Who is profiting most from your jailed money today, while you wait for your future? Inter­est is always work­ing. It is either work­ing for you or against you. You are either earn­ing inter­est, pay­ing inter­est or los­ing the oppor­tu­nity to earn inter­est. There are no other scenarios. Money has to move to earn. Stag­nant money […]

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Unique, Exclusive to Life Strategies Group Agents, Upcoming Trainings.

For Life Insurance Agents Who Love Infinite Banking. If you are considering which agency to join as a life agent that offers your clients the best possible policies and scenarios for their infinite banking systems? Look no further. 1/ Life Strategies Group will be holding exclusive trainings that focus on how to use a variety […]

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Cost of Refinancing

Does Refinancing to a Lower Interest Rate, Lower Your Debt and Save You Money? We are taught to focus all our attention on interest rates but by only looking at interest rates, we miss the fact that refinancing often increases our debt load, not decreases it, like many believe. Let’s first look at the cost […]

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Visual Economics – A Lifetime of Debt: The Average American’s Financial Journey

Click twice to Enlarge http://www.visualeconomics.com/a-lifetime-of-debt-the-average-americans-financial-journey/ If you own the debt, how would this game of debt make you feel? A little different, right. We are educated to look at debt through the eyes of the borrower. Debt makes the owner wealthy as it is an asset to them. They are earning the interest and control […]

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Best Infinite/Privatized Banking Clients or Agents!!!

Questions and answers Q. What type of clients benefit most from using the IBC concept? A. Most of my clients are either: 1/ currently storing their savings in ‘jail’ or, 2/ borrowing from a financial institution and paying them interest or, 3/ save their money to pay cash for big ticket items, or are 4/ […]

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When You Get Paid, Where Do You Put ALL Your Money?

Page 85, point 3, of Best Selling Author Nelson Nash’s book, Becoming Your Own Banker, asks you to consider this point – When you get paid for your work, you put ALL of it into “someone else’s bank” and then write checks from the account to buy the things of life. SO, “someone else’s bank” […]

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113 Bank Fees/Charges

Here is a list 113 reasons why you would want to thoroughly investigate Becoming Your Own Banker. Why subject yourself to this list of mostly unwarranted charges. Now I am not suggesting that by Becoming Your Own Banker you will never have to use a regular corner bank again, because you will have to. However, you will definitely be less and less, at their mercy, the longer you own and operate your own private banking system.

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4 Things That Make You Poor – and A Solution.

Video Interview for TIME MAGAZINE with Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Click here to view video   Robert – “I don’t need a retirement plan because all of my assets produce income.” Time Magazine Interviewer – “Are there some people who should play it safe, do the traditional route and just pick up a […]

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Introduction to ‘Becoming Your Own Banker’

New Client Introduction to IBC: Continuation of last weeks webinar… CLICK HERE FOR LATEST TOPIC The Bank of Jason Davis: How Jason is converting the liabilities into assets for a tax free retirement.”Presenter Jason Davis Special Client Introduction Presentation: TONIGHT Thursday – July 14th – 9 pm till 10 pm EDT. CONTACT ME NOW FOR […]

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30 Benefits of Owning a Personal Banking System 1. Flexible – Get multiple uses from each dollar! Typically, we allocate dollars into individual buckets that meet specific needs or wants. We have our savings bucket, our retirement bucket, our investment bucket and our insurance buckets. A dollar placed in any one of these buckets serves […]

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Jan 4th. Introduction to ‘Becoming Your Own Banker’

Please click here for the most up to date webinar invitation. You’re Invited to an, Introduction to the Infinite Banking Concept ************************************************************************************************************************ Starts: Tuesday January 04, 2010, 08:00 PM EST Ends: Tuesday January 04, 2010, 09:00 PM EST Event Type: Training/Seminar Location: Relax at home in front of your computer Price: No Charge Website: http://bit.ly/fHjNtf […]

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Choosing the Right Life Insurance Company for IBC (Infinite Banking Concept)

Choosing the Right Life Insurance Company for IBC (Infinite Banking Concept) How does one choose the right LIC to practice infinite Banking with? (See Agent Finder below as well) Thanks, GL Hi Gary, This is a very important question as a client must understand the differences between insurance companies before being able to make an […]

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Conventional Bank vs Private Bank lending – excerpts from White Paper on Becoming your own ‘Banker’

Imagine for a moment that you have gone to a commercial bank and told them you planned on purchasing an asset of real property valued at $1 million and that these were the terms you wanted from them.

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My Win Win Offer – The Bible of Banking – Becoming Your Own Banker

Order your copy of BECOMING YOUR OWN BANKER by Bestselling Author,R. Nelson Nash below.                                                                           $22 includes shipping in USA _______________________________________________________________________________________

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You Must Change The Way You Think and Become Financially Educated with YOUR Money.

Rich Dad Poor Dad helps you become financially educated as does Nelson Nash. It is the responsibility of each individual to become financially educated and stop the downturn from middle class to lower class if we want to stop becoming a third world country. Yes, that means you. You must take responsibility for your finances […]

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Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash

This Best Selling book is a must read if you want to understand how you can determine the most efficient way to fund; college, vehicles, retirement, real estate mortgages, and more, without going broke. Learn how to get back every penny you spend on these expensive and high interest cost purchases. Contact me so I […]

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