Turn Liabilities Into Assets – a 7 minute video


This is what a 7702 can do for you!

It is interesting to me that no one has yet mentioned the fact that even though the interest rate is 5%, the total of interest paid is actually more than 10% of the principal amount of the loan. That is the actual volume of interest paid. See Red area below.

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  1. David G. - December 18, 2012

    Cute. Nice job.

    Did you know the last 35 seconds are cut off?

  2. David G. - December 18, 2012

    Looking at the visitors record in the left margin.

    8 people besides me from all over the place in the last hour.

    Are you really getting this much traffic with Bluehost?

  3. Jennifer - December 19, 2012

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the visit. I don’t know what bluehost is. Feedjit is what tracks the visitors to my site. It doesn’t give me any contact information but it shows me how many people visit, where from and which posts they visited. This is helpful to a degree. Good for free.
    I did not know the last of the video was cut off. I am going to be recording another one anyway as this one has too many errors. Not bad for a beginner though.

  4. Bernard Torres - April 1, 2013

    Hello, Jennifer. Thank you for the information you have available on line for beginners like us. I could only wish I’ve heard of this concept years ago and did not understand Whole Life Insurance could be used in this manner. My family is on the rebound from this last collapse and would like to know how to get started. Please send information on how people get started with you or what we can expect when we join or use your services. Thanks.

  5. Jennifer - June 7, 2013

    hi Bernard,

    Please call ma at 845 649 7487 or email me at Jennifer@DebtDiagnosis.com

  6. Jennifer - June 7, 2013

    Hi Bernard,

    Sorry I have taken so long to reply to you. I just found this comment. It did not report to me that I had your comment, so sorry. If you have not yet found someone to help you or if you found my contact info. above under contacts that is how you can contact me. 845 649 7487 or Jennifer@DebtDiagnosis.com
    I will be happy to help you get set up with your own banking system Bernard.

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